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About AMCO

Hi, I'm Yoli, and I just love jewelry. I love to wear it, have it, shop for it, and now make it. Sparkly, glittery, colorful, unique, and one-of-a-kind, minimalist, bold, special! Ok, so really, I love all kinds of jewelry. I started making jewelry years ago for myself and my friends, then I had my daughter, and decided to start selling my handmade jewelry because... I guess I wasn't busy enough!

I handstamp custom items to your specifications, but I also have ready-made items just waiting for a home. I have a little bit of everything, and A LOT of supplies-- so if you want something custom-made just for you, we can work together to design something special just for you!

I mostly use locally-sourced materials for my jewelry so they can be one of a kind or very limited in quantity. If you see it and like it, my suggestion is to TREAT YOURSELF and get it, because it may not be available later and/or I may not be able to recreate it.

Thank you for allowing me to create something special for you to keep or to give as a heartfelt token!